Why Car Carriers May Be Better Than Tow Trucks

Some vehicle owners may shy away from requesting for car carriers due to the higher cost of getting those vehicles from providers of towing services. However, car carriers can offer you several benefits that tow trucks may not have. This article discusses some of those unique benefits of car carriers.

Less Potential for Damage

Car carriers enable your disabled car to be moved to its destination, such as an auto repair shop, without exposing it to greater risks of sustaining additional damage during the transportation. For example, the vehicle will not be at risk of having its transmission system damaged since all four wheels will be on the bed of the car carrier. Car carriers are also ideal for recovering modern cars that have components made from novel materials, such as composites. Using a car carrier limits the chance of damaging those delicate components.

They May Be Discreet

Some vehicle owners may wish to keep their possessions out of the public eye. This is hard to attain in case the vehicle needs to be towed using a tow truck because that vehicle will remain clearly visible throughout its transportation. Car carriers can offer a discreet way to transport such vehicles. This is because some car carriers come equipped with tarps that can be engaged electronically to cover the vehicle completely during the transportation process. In this way, the public will not be able to see your vehicle and where it is being taken.


Car carriers may also be more cost effective when compared to tow trucks because the carriers are versatile. For instance, the carrier can transport two vehicles at the same time. This is because one vehicle can be carried on the bed of the carrier while another can be towed. Similarly, a car carrier may be in position to recover your vehicle as well as any other equipment that you were towing. Such versatility is made possible by the advanced technology available, such as the ability to alter the mounting of the winch system based on the circumstances of a recovery.

Car carriers are now so many and so diverse that their costs have reduced significantly since they were introduced on the towing market. You should therefore not hesitate to request for a car carrier when you have concerns about the appropriateness of tow trucks. For instance, opt for a car carrier in case you want to move your crippled vehicle over a long distance (across state lines, for example).

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