Why Flatbed Towing Is Favoured When It Comes to Towing Broken Down Cars

No matter the time of the day it is, you'll always find motorists on the road. Because motorists can never tell when they will experience vehicle breakdown and require towing service, towing companies usually operate 24/7 throughout the year.

There are various methods that towing companies can use to transport a broken down vehicle from the roadside to the intended destination. One of the more common towing methods is flatbed towing. As its name implies, this towing methods involves transporting the vehicle (usually a car) on the back of a tow truck.

Flatbed towing offers a number of essential benefits to car owners and their cars. As you might find yourself stranded by the roadside and in need of car towing service, you should read on below to find out a few of those benefits.

It reduces road safety risks.

The powertrain is one of the most complex components of any vehicle, and correctly adjusting it for towing takes time and requires specialised skill. Unlike dolly or tow bar towing, towing with a flatbed truck does not involve making any special adjustments to the powertrain of the broken down vehicle. As the powertrain is left untouched, the risk of mishaps occurring on the road during towing is greatly minimised. In addition, it is much safer to transport a car on the bed of a tow truck rather than with the towed vehicle dragging behind the tow vehicle with all or the rear wheels touching the ground. This is because the movement of the towed vehicle can affect the tow truck driver's ability to control the vehicle and its load.

It reduces vehicle damage. The last thing you want to hear after your car has been towed to the mechanic shop is that extra damage was caused to the vehicle as a result of how the towing was carried out. When your car is towed with the rear tyres or all four tyres maintaining contact with the road surface, your tyres will be subjected to additional wear and tear. If the tyres of the towed vehicle happen to hit kerbs or are driven over potholes/speed bumps at high speeds, they might be thrown out if alignment. But given that none of your car's tyres will be touching the ground during towing, flatbed towing will help to minimise potential vehicle damage that may arise from tow bar or dolly towing.

If you have any questions regarding flatbed towing service, feel free to contact a local car towing company at any hour of the day.

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