3 Ways to Prepare for Emergency Towing

Few things in life are as inconvenient as facing a vehicle emergency. A broken-down car puts you at risk on a busy road. Should this unfortunate situation happen to you, it's important to immediately call an emergency towing service. 

Here are three ways to prepare before you call an emergency towing company for roadside assistance.

Push Your Car to Safety

If your car died in the middle lane of a highway, first move it further to the side of the road, preferably on a flat surface. The point is to move to a safer spot away from oncoming traffic. Once you're far off the road, make your car as visible as possible. This way, oncoming motorists will be able to spot you, so turn on your hazard lights for easy visibility. 

Also, don't forget to clear the space around your car. Push your vehicle away from walls, curbs, and other obstacles to create enough room for your emergency towing service to hook up easily.

Narrow Down Your Location

Before you call a towing company, make sure you familiarize yourself with your location. Doing so will help the towing service find you easily and give you the assistance you need, especially since you need them there quickly.

You can also use your car's GPS to pinpoint your exact location so you can relay the information to the emergency responders. If your car's navigation system doesn't work, you can also use the GPS on your phone to identify your location. 

If, for some reason, both GPSs are not available, try checking around for some clues as to where you are. Pay attention to geographical features, physical landmarks, and buildings to zero in on your exact location.

Prep Your Car for Movement 

Getting your car ready for movement ahead of time will ensure a seamless towing experience. Towing can be difficult if your car's tires are turned sharply in one direction. If possible, have your wheels straightened out as you wait for help. 

Another thing to consider is disengaging any features that may hinder your car from moving. If you have a four-wheel-drive vehicle, disable it as it may cause a drag on the tires. Also, ensure that the emergency brake is off so that the car's movement doesn't break any mechanical components. If there's some gas left in your car, remember to turn the car off completely to avoid catching fire during transportation. 

Once you're set to move, don't forget to take all of your valuables out of the car. Gather everything together, including anything you've placed on the dashboard, chargers, car registration documents, and any other valuable item you need to keep safe. 

If your car breaks down and you find yourself stranded in an unfamiliar location, don't panic. Instead, call a 24/7 emergency towing service as soon as possible to get your car to the nearest mechanic or auto shop.   

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