Various Forms Of Towing Services You May Consider

For most people, towing services are about moving a car when it breaks down. While this may be true, towing services aren't just about towing vehicles that stall on the road. You can even rely on the service to move a stranded vehicle. There are numerous tow vehicles your service provider may use depending on the equipment or vehicle you'd like to move. So before you choose your service provider, make sure they can provide the right service depending on your requirements. Here are common towing services; knowing them will assist you to make a smart decision the next time you need help from a towing company.

Flatbed towing

One of the safest and most appropriate towing services you can consider is flatbed towing. Usually, the vehicle is lifted using hydraulics and strapped on a truck that comes with a flatbed trailer so it can be safely transported to the repair auto shop or garage. You may also drive the vehicle up the ramp or get it pulled up if lifting it isn't a viable option. This service is ideal for new vehicles but you can also seek this service if your vehicle broke down on the roadside or you got into an accident.

Wheel-lift towing

This kind of towing service is designed for light-duty trucks and RVs. The service provider uses under-reach towing equipment and straps instead of chains to hold the vehicle securely until it gets to the destination. The metal yoke may be fixed under the front or rear wheels, then a pneumatic hoist is used to suspend the auto so as to lift and pull it away. While this technique isn't as safe as flatbed towing, you will pay less for the service.

Light towing

This type of towing is ideal for lightweight cars. Service providers usually use small trucks for towing, and the service comes at a low cost. You can seek this service if your vehicle's engine stops or if you're locked out and you haven't found an auto locksmith to assist you.

Heavy-duty towing

Heavy vehicles such as lorries, buses and cargo trucks are moved through this kind of towing service. To move the vehicle, heavy safety equipment is utilised for lifting the truck and placing them in the towing truck or pulling them. Note that this task is very complex, and you need a reliable and safe solution. The size of the tow truck used for this kind of service is determined by the type of vehicle, so choose your service provider carefully.  

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For most people, towing services are about moving a car when it breaks down. While this may be true, towing services aren't just about towing vehicles